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Representing Elderly Workers Who Deserve Workers’ Compensation

You may be getting older, but you still try to enjoy life to its fullest — and that includes working hard to financially support yourself and your family. When you get hurt on the job, however, your employer may not be as enthusiastic about helping you recover as you were about coming to work every day.

At King Law Firm, P.C., our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers are committed to the belief that elderly workers have just as much right to workers’ comp as their younger counterparts. We have a well-deserved reputation for helping the good, hardworking citizens of South Dakota and northwest Iowa pursue fair treatment, and we’re sensitive to your need for representation that takes care of the legal wrangling so you can focus on your recovery.

Why Workers’ Comp Can Be An Issue For The Older Worker

There are many ways to get harmed on the job, and the ramifications of each incident are unique. Elderly workers, however, commonly face additional challenges, including:

  • Healing takes longer so they may lose more wages
  • Workers with pre-existing arthritis and other ailments might be denied claims or receive reduced compensability judgments
  • Getting hurt could exacerbate other medical conditions
  • Employers may be less likely to step-up for workers who have fewer working years left

Companies aren’t always willing to take responsibility for their actions that contributed to worker accidents, and you may not be up to the task of pursuing compensation.

At King Law Firm, P.C., we hold employers to their rightful obligations. By using our knowledge of workers’ compensation law and how on-the-job injuries affect older workers, we establish evidence of wrongdoing, negligence and harm that helps you support your case in court. We also help injured workers fight against compensation policies that specifically discriminate against the elderly. Whether you just want to pursue a settlement or bring about positive widespread changes in your workplace, our Sioux Falls team is truly prepared to fight for you.

Don’t Let A Workplace Injury Stop You From Living

Getting harmed in the line of duty can have serious consequences for older workers. Whether these injuries are completely stopping you from participating in the activities you normally enjoy or causing lasting back pain that impacts everything you do, workplace injuries are life-changing events unless you treat them — and proper treatment requires funding, which workers’ comp is designed to provide.

Discuss your options with an attorney at King Law Firm, P.C. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you anticipate the costs of your injury and seek appropriate compensation. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 855-201-0098 today. Find out how we can fight for you.