Dog Bites

Animals are unpredictable — even a well-trained dog can lash out unexpectedly when it’s hurt or feels threatened, or has been abused, or for many other reasons. There’s no easy way for a passerby to know if an animal poses a threat, and often pet owners themselves don’t realize that their dog poses a safety risk to those around it.

One of the most common types of injury we see in South Dakota and Iowa is violent attacks by dogs or other pets on innocent victims. These incidents result in injuries ranging from minor skin punctures and rabies transmission to long-term injuries and permanent disfigurement. If you’ve been attacked by a dog or another animal, we’ll work with you to make sure that the animal and its owner are held accountable for your injury.

Don’t Wait To File Your Claim

In South Dakota, a dog bite victim has three years to file a claim, but it’s in the victim’s interest to file a claim as soon as possible. Your case will be stronger if you can demonstrate that the animal in question has a history of aggression that the owner should have reasonably been aware of. But even if your injury is the result of an animal’s first violent act, the owner is still subject to the state’s negligence laws.

Dog bite injury attorney David J. King can help you navigate these laws and file the appropriate claim.

In dog or animal bite cases, we’ll address issues, including:

  • Who owns the animal in question
  • Any previous attacks on the animal’s record
  • Where the attack occurred
  • Premises liability and insurance issues
  • The nature and extent of the injuries
  • The extent and impact of scarring
  • Emotional trauma

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