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Defective Trucks Can Cause Debilitating Injuries

A defective truck part can make it impossible to control the vehicle, especially if it is traveling at a high rate of speed. This presents considerable danger to the other drivers and passengers on the road and can lead to severe or fatal injuries.

At King Law Firm, P.C., in Sioux Falls, we know all too well the dangers that truck defects pose for other vehicles. Fortunately, we also know how to hold the negligent parties accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause in these complex cases. Speak with us today to learn how we may help you after an accident with a large truck in South Dakota or northern Iowa.

Multiple Liable Parties Can Complicate These Cases

When a truck or another commercial vehicle malfunctions, there may be several negligent parties. We will research the manufacturers or designers of the defective parts, the trucking company and their mechanic’s logs, and the government entity if the truck is owned by a municipality. Truck owners must inspect their vehicles on a regular basis to ensure that there are no defects, damage or wear and tear on the parts.

Because many commercial trucks cross state lines, there may also be federal laws in play. You need a lawyer who has experience with these issues.

What Are The Most Common Truck Defects?

Faulty brakes are a very common problem in a truck. This happens for several reasons such as failure to maintain the brakes in good condition, not replacing worn brakes, overloading the truck and putting extra pressure on the brakes, and driving on worn tires. There may also be a defect with the brakes or they may be installed incorrectly. Broken or defective brakes often cause drivers to lose control of the truck, leading to serious accidents and injuries to others on the road.

Some of the most other frequent causes of truck accidents involve defects that include:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Engines overheating or malfunctioning
  • Steering columns malfunctioning
  • Ignition and fuel components failing
  • Transmission failure

These types of defects can result in devastating accidents with other vehicles on the road. If the driver loses control of the truck, it may jackknife across lanes, roll over onto other vehicles, rear-end a vehicle or run someone off the road.

Your Losses May Be Significant – You Need A Tough Attorney

Trucking accidents can mean severe injuries or wrongful death for the other people on the road. The financial, health and personal losses from an accident can leave families with exorbitant expenses and emotional trauma.

We have the experience to handle these cases and seek the compensation you need. You pay us nothing unless we get compensation for you. Call 855-201-0098 for a free consultation or send us an email.