Insurance Claims

We represent clients in insurance claims in many different situations including:

  • You bringing a claim against your insurance policy
  • You bringing a claim against another person/business’s insurance policy

Unfortunately, denying claims is business as usual for most insurance companies — even claims that are clearly covered under the policy. Insurance companies sell policies to help get people through difficult times, to protect people against disaster.

Whether you got hurt at a business while shopping, a fire destroyed your home or someone assaulted you, you depend on insurance to be there to cover your injury and your medical bills, and to pay for your property. Too often when a serious claim is made, insurance companies don’t deliver on their promises. When insurance companies fail to live up to the terms of their policies and unreasonably delay or deny payment of valid claims, turn to the attorneys of King Law Firm, P.C., to help.

Know Your Rights Under The Insurance Policy

You may want to speak with one of our attorneys if you suspect you have been the victim of tactics like:

  • Failure to fully and properly investigate a claim
  • Refusing to settle a case brought against an insured party
  • Refusing to pay benefits equal to the full value of the customer’s loss
  • Delaying payment of a claim for an unreasonably long time
  • Interpreting the language of an insurance policy in an unreasonable manner
  • Denying benefits that should be paid
  • Asserting wrongly that a given loss is not covered by the policy

We give a voice to the powerless and help protect the rights of all policyholders to be treated fairly and in good faith.

If you are struggling to receive fair payments from your insurance company, let King Law Firm, P.C., put our extensive legal experience and knowledge to work for you. Call 605-332-4000 and schedule your free consultation today.