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Legal Help When Insurance Companies Won’t Pay

When you purchase an insurance policy, you are entering into a contract to protect yourself against the unexpected things in life. You commit to pay the premium for the insurance policy, and the insurance company commits to pay you the benefits that are spelled out in your policy, whether it is property insurance that protects you from loss due to fire or natural disasters, life insurance that protects your family from loss of income caused by an unexpected death, or health insurance that protects you against medical bills that could wipe you out in the event of an accident.

Most of the time, things go as you would expect, and there is not a problem with the insurance company. Sometimes, however, insurance companies do not live up to the promises and commitments they have made in their insurance policies. The insurance company may unreasonably deny, delay or condition the payment of benefits that they are legally obligated to pay under the policy, especially given how complex and detailed most insurance policies are. When that happens, you need someone with the experience to cut through the red tape and make sure your claim is handled properly and that you are fairly compensated.

If you are dealing with an insurance company that is not fully and fairly investigating your claim, is refusing to settle a case against you, is making a settlement offer that does not fully and fairly compensate you for your losses, unreasonably delays payment of insurance benefits that are owed, is asserting sham defenses or interpretations to deny coverage or benefits, or otherwise not honoring its contractual commitment to provide the benefits they promised, then you need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights and make sure the insurance company deals with you fairly.

At King Law Firm, P.C., we have been fighting insurance companies for our clients for decades, and we know the tricks insurance companies use to deny, delay or defend legitimate claims. Give us a call at 855-201-0098 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys and make sure you receive the insurance benefits that are owed to you, whether you are fighting your own insurance company or a company representing someone else who has caused an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims

Insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected events that cause you harm and/or financial losses. Generally, should something unexpected happen, you’ll be able to file a claim and the insurance will pay out.

Unfortunately, claims aren’t always this straightforward and your insurer may offer you a lowball settlement or refuse to pay out altogether. Here are some of the most common questions that we hear:

What should I do if an insurance company denies my claim?

Insurers tend to look out for their own interests. They may argue that your coverage did not cover the precise scenario you have encountered. Should this happen, it’s important that you check your policy thoroughly. Insurance policies should be clear, and the terms should not be misleading.

What are the potential reasons for insurance claim denials?

Insurance claims may be denied for several reasons. Often, this happens due to alleged technicalities. The insurance company may argue that your policy did not cover the precise scenario that you found yourself in. Other common reasons for denials include:

  • Alleged failure to pay premiums
  • Not filing your claim on time
  • A lack of evidence
  • Fraudulent claims

What tactics do insurance companies use to delay payment of claims?

Unfortunately, insurance companies may employ tactics aimed at delaying your claim. They may question the extent of your damages and attempt to offer lowball settlements. In some cases, they may also attempt to place the liability entirely on your shoulders.

Should I work with an attorney?

Yes. An insurance attorney will be familiar with all tactics employed by insurance companies to avoid or delay payments. They will help ensure that your insurer acts in good faith.

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