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Injured In A Construction Or Industrial Accident? We’ll Fight For You

People who work in construction and industrial settings are the backbone of our country. When these individuals get injured in the line of duty, it’s our duty to help get them back on their feet. Workers across South Dakota and Iowa who have suffered accidents turn to King Law Firm, P.C., because we fight for them – to obtain justice and to secure compensation for their recovery.

Accidents We’ve Helped Our Clients Recover From

We’ve represented workers involved in all types of construction and industrial accidents. On a construction site, there are many potential sources of danger and, in turn, many ways workers can get hurt. Workers risk getting hit by falling objects and debris and falling off scaffolding or other elevated surfaces. Commonly used equipment like cranes also present many opportunities for disaster to strike.

Industrial settings are also target-rich environments for accidents and injuries. Forklift accidents are common, as well as accidents involving other heavy equipment. Workers risk exposure to toxic materials and falls off ladders. Industrial plants and refineries can even explode, resulting in catastrophic damage and injuries.

You name it, we’ve seen it – and we’ve helped someone recover from it.

What Benefits Are Available To Injured Construction And Industrial Workers?

Workers’ compensation benefits are the primary source of support for injured workers. These benefits cover your medical expenses, replace your wages, and provide ongoing support if you are disabled from your accident. 

Another option available to injured workers is a third-party liability claim, which is a kind of personal injury claim. If your accident involved a piece of faulty equipment, you could bring a third-party liability claim against the equipment’s manufacturer. The same applies to any other person or party involved in your accident who doesn’t work for your employer.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

We come from a working-class background, so we’ve seen first-hand how an accident or injury can uproot the lives of hardworking people. We don’t think that’s fair. These individuals sacrifice so much to keep the world turning, so over the last 30 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming powerful advocates for them. 

When you work with us, you can expect local, experienced, compassionate and results-oriented legal representation. You can expect to work with us directly. And you can expect us to fight hard for what is right.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

If you’ve been injured in a construction or industrial accident, reach out to schedule a free consultation with our attorney. You can reach us at 855-201-0098, or you can contact us through our website.