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Legal Support For South Dakota And Iowa Injury Victims

The world can be a dangerous place. Sometimes, the carelessness of a total stranger can turn your life upside down, leaving you with an injury that lasts for weeks, months, even years. An injury like this can be devastating — physically, emotionally and financially.

If your injury prevents you from working, it becomes harder to pay medical bills. If you’re constantly in pain, enjoying life and time with your family can be more difficult. The attorneys at King Law Firm, P.C. can help you seek justice and compensation for your injury.

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Off The Hook

Insurance companies are happy to collect your premiums, but not always eager to pay out a claim when you need help. Sometimes, they act in bad faith and completely deny your claim, all to protect their bottom line.

If you or the at-fault party’s insurer denies your claim, you don’t have to rely on their word alone. The attorneys at King Law Firm, P.C. will help you independently assess the merits of your claim. We don’t hesitate to take an unresponsive insurance company to court – you deserve to have financial security as you recover from your injury.

We Represent Victims Of Negligence And Unreasonable Behavior

We serve residents of the Sioux Falls area in South Dakota and Northwest Iowa who have experienced:

You never have to navigate the aftermath of your injury alone. No matter what it is or how it happened, we will be there to fight for you. Call one of our lawyers at 855-201-0098 to start on your case today.

Work With A Legal Team That Cares

Unlike insurers, our clients are more than just a number on a spreadsheet. You’re a human with a life and responsibilities. You work hard and deserve a team that tenaciously advocates for you. You can expect our care and undivided attention from the moment we meet. We want to understand every aspect of your story to help you devise an effective legal strategy that enables you to secure an appropriate payout.

Seek Justice And Compensation For Your Injury

You don’t have to suffer alone — an experienced lawyer can help repair the damage caused by an unexpected accident. To schedule a free consultation with King Law Firm, P.C., contact us online or call 855-201-0098.