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Five Most Dangerous Roads in Sioux Falls

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Car Accidents

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is one of the larger metropolitan regions in the state. Thousands of people travel on local roads every day to get to work and care for their families. Most of those travelers will reach their destination without any issues. However, crashes do occur with some frequency. They are a leading cause of injury and death for people in South Dakota and across the United States.

Collisions can occur anywhere, from the end of a driveway to a business parking lot. Still, some streets experience more collisions than others because of outdated design, heavy traffic and higher speed limits. Statistically, the following streets in the Sioux Falls area are the most dangerous.

41st Street

41st Street, especially near Empire Mall, has so much traffic volume that it sees crashes more frequently than most other roads. Its major intersections see numerous collisions each year.

10th Street

10th Street is home to one of the most dangerous intersections in the Sioux Falls area. Although the crash rates are lower than at many other busy locations, where 10th Street meets with Cliff Avenue has seen 72 crashes in eight years.

Louise Avenue

Louise Avenue sees a lot of vehicle traffic and therefore a lot of crashes, many of which occur at major intersections. Its intersections with 57th Street, 49th Street, Interstate 229 and 41st Street are all top crash locations.

East 26th Street

East 26th Street also regularly sees serious collisions. In some cases, vehicles collide. Other times, there are tragic incidents, like rollovers due to poor driving. Earlier in 2023, a vehicle left East 26th Street and crashed into two homes, damaging both buildings.

Interstate 90 (I-90)

I-90 passes through Sioux Falls and sees a large number of collisions. It is one of the most-used interstates moving vehicles east and west through South Dakota. The combination of high speeds and heavy traffic makes it quite dangerous.

Understanding what contributes to crash risk, including the route that someone follows while driving, may help people reduce their chances of a severe collision in the Sioux Falls area. Watching traffic more carefully and avoiding dangerous roads during busy times could all help people stay safer while driving.