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Variables that increase the risk of a car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents may result in concussions, internal bleeding or other injuries that take weeks, months or years to heal from. Driver fatigue, distracted driving and impaired driving are three of the common causes of car accidents that take place on South Dakota highways. Excessive speed, poorly maintained vehicles and poor road design are also among the common causes of motor vehicle wrecks.

Smartphones can create a variety of distractions

It’s fairly common to see motorists use their smartphones to stream music or to get directions to an unfamiliar address. Drivers may also use their phones to take pictures, send text messages or otherwise distract themselves from the monotony of a long trip. However, these actions can significantly increase a person’s risk of getting into a car accident, and this is often true even if they keep their hands on the steering wheel while using a mobile device.

Drivers don’t always know their limits

Motorists tend to believe that they can safely operate their vehicles because they are under the legal blood alcohol limit. They may also falsely believe that they can safely drive after taking medication that has been prescribed to them. As a general rule, a person should refrain from driving for several hours after consuming alcohol or controlled substances. It is estimated that up to one-third of fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by impaired drivers.

Speeding is a bad habit most drivers engage in

Drivers tend to drive faster than the posted speed limit when they are late for work, school or a social gathering. They may also drive too fast for road conditions because they are impaired, impatient or underestimate how little traction they have on wet roads.