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Why you should be cautious around truck drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You should stay vigilant of trucks when you are driving in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Commercial vehicles are often the source of serious collisions. Thanks to the scale and weight of 18-wheelers, an accident can quickly lead to devastation. More often than not, patients of this accident that are fortunate enough to escape the event still need months of recovery and days off of work as they recuperate. Many people do not truly completely heal from the accident.

Trucks are super heavy

Trucks are considerably bulkier than modern commercial cars. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the gross weight of a single axle truck on the Interstate Highway System is 20,000 pounds. A vehicle cannot weigh more than 80,000 pounds, otherwise it is deemed illegal.

Trucks weigh twenty to thirty times more than commercial vehicles because they have longer stopping distances. On top of this, they are an over-heavy utility vehicle. Thus, they are vulnerable to rolling over.

They can carry strange materials

You need to exercise restraint since the danger level could be high. Inside the bed of a truck, freight weight can cause a truck to tip over, or materials may fall loose on the ground and cause an accident. Additionally, there are some commercial vehicles that transport flammable materials such as motor oils. Trucking firms must take the welfare of all road users into account because victims may have reasons for allegations of physical harm if materials fall out.

The truck driver gets fatigued

Many truck drivers have to adhere to lengthy schedules and demanding deadlines. The consequent feelings of fatigue may deteriorate an individual’s performance behind the wheel, leading to vehicle accidents.

Distractions while driving

Distracted driving is a frequent source of traffic injuries affecting both personal automobiles and business vehicles. Truck drivers spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel. This indicates that they will have a tough time focusing due to distractions like eating and drinking.

The truck needs repairs

Truckers drive for thousands of miles per year, so they have to get their trucks serviced all the time in order to prevent an MVA. Federal law dictates that all commercial truckers must maintain their vehicles under strict specifications.

If you get into an accident with a truck driver, chances are high that they did not follow the above tips and that you did not stay clear of them. You may want to speak with an attorney to learn more about MVAs involving truck drivers.