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How can you be certain workers’ compensation will cover you?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Firm News

As South Dakota readers know, injured workers have the right to seek recompense and support after a workplace accident. Through a workers’ compensation claim, they may be able to get help with medical bills, repayment of lost wages and more. Some workers may be able to obtain benefits that provide them with support as they attempt to return to the workforce in any capacity.

If you suffered an injury in the workplace, you understand how important it is to get the right kind of help as you recover. Medical care is expensive, and time missed from work is costly. It is in your interests to secure whatever types of help are available to you, but how can you know if your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will cover your injuries?

What does workers’ comp cover?

Generally, workers’ compensation benefits apply to injuries and illnesses that relate to some aspect of the applicant’s job requirements or the condition of the work environment. Examples of injuries and sicknesses that may be compensable through an insurance claim include the following:

  • The development of carpal tunnel syndrome after working on a computer every day for years
  • Developing lung cancer due to working in an environment where people smoke or there are dangerous toxins in the air
  • Injuries that happen as a result of an on-site fall, trip or other type of work accident
  • Injuries sustained in a job-related truck accident

An employer may dispute your claim, stating that your injury is the result of a disregard for safety rules or that horseplay was the cause for the accident. You have the right to fight for the benefits you need to get better and move forward after your accident, even if your employer does not want you to file a claim or attempts to dissuade you from moving forward with this step.

Understand your rights

You have the right to certain types of benefits after a work accident or after you become ill with an occupational illness. You may find it helpful to seek an explanation of your rights and an evaluation of your case as soon as you discover you need to file a claim.

Some applicants find it beneficial to seek guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help them prove that their injury should be covered. With help, you can fight to maximize your claim and get the support you need during this difficult time.