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Someone else’s cellphone addiction could leave you injured

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Blog

When people think of addictions, they may think of individuals who have problems with drugs or alcohol. While it is true that certain addictions can relate to these substances, individuals can also become addicted to other acts that may not immediately seem harmful. For instance, cellphone addiction is a real and prominent issue that could put you and others at risk.

Certainly, cellphones can work as convenient ways to check in with loved ones, look up facts, check bank accounts or numerous other activities. However, if a person continually checks his or her phone and displays other signs and symptoms, it is possible that he or she has a cellphone addiction. Even if you think that you limit your screen time enough to avoid calling yourself addicted, another individual’s addiction could still affect you.

Do you know a cellphone addict?

Have you ever been spending time with someone and he or she barely looks up from his or her phone? Perhaps you see this type of situation taking place multiple times a day. Individuals commonly use their smartphones to connect with others, but they may end up snubbing someone directly in front of them. While preoccupation certainly is a symptom of cellphone addiction, this one act alone may not be a significant issue. However, exhibiting four or more of the following signs could mean someone has a problem:

  • Losing time due to overuse
  • Constant need for the newest tech and applications
  • Withdrawal symptoms when network does not work correctly, such as anger or irritability
  • Trying and failing to use the phone less
  • Using the phone more in order to achieve desired outcomes

While these actions may seem rude, you may not necessarily think of it as dangerous. However, smartphone addiction can easily lead to problems with family, friends and even in the workplace. Additionally, cellphones are a major distraction, and if an addict is behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she may not think twice about checking messages or social media while driving. As a result, you could end up injured in a crash caused by a cellphone addict.

Can you seek compensation?

If you have suffered serious injuries due to such a scenario or due to someone driving while distracted in another way, you do have legal options. Medical bills, pain and suffering, and other resulting damages could cause major hardships, and by filing a personal injury claim, you could seek monetary recompense for damages permitted under South Dakota state laws.