Our Team Fights Hard To Help You Resolve Insurance Disputes

You pay plenty to maintain your insurance. So shouldn’t your policies actually protect you when you need them to? Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always willing to provide the so-called complete coverage that attracted you in the first place.

The attorneys at King Law Firm, P.C., aren’t shy about pursuing insurance claims on your behalf after an insurer denies your valid claim in bad faith. We understand that living near a major city like Sioux Falls isn’t without its fair share of risks, and we firmly believe that you deserve safety nets that won’t fall short in your time of need. Although insurers may believe they can push you around, we’re here to make them recognize that there are consequences for failing to treat you in good faith.

Comprehensive Insurance Dispute Management

Insurance bad faith manifests in many forms. Your policy provider may commit outright breaches of your policy terms or simply obstruct your attempts to file a claim by making your life harder than it ought to be. In the past, our lawyers have dealt with companies that took actions such as:

  • Ignoring or denying certain losses when policies clearly covered them
  • Falling behind on benefit payments or taking overly long to follow up and move the claims process forward
  • Using claim investigation methods that any reasonable person would classify as harassing or degrading
  • Modifying settlement payment amounts without justifying the changes
  • Unfairly hiking premiums following claims where the policyholder wasn’t at fault or liable

At King Law Firm, P.C., we don’t just say that we fight for you — we back our words with actions. Many insurance companies act in bad faith because they think they can pull one over on their clients, but our goal is to educate you and your provider alike about what they owe you. Our firm’s reputation for providing knowledgeable representation has established us as a vital resource for South Dakota and northwest Iowa citizens and businesses that are denied claims based on spurious policy interpretations.

Let Us Champion Your Insurance Rights

Policy providers view protecting you as a business. But to you, your ability to receive a settlement can be a life-and-death matter. Your insurer’s ill-intentioned actions may compromise your ability to recover from injuries, expose you to lasting financial hardship or make it impossible to provide for your family. We work to demonstrate how their unfair practices caused you damage and show that you’re worthy of — and legally entitled to — just and fair compensation.

Not every insurance dispute goes to court, but they can all benefit from attorney representation. Contact a King Law Firm, P.C., representative in Sioux Falls by calling 605-332-4000 or emailing us online. Let us fight for you today.