Attorney David J. King


Seeking compensation as a car crash passenger victim

With its convenience and affordability, ride-hailing, whether taxis or e-services, is now an essential part of commuting, especially for workers. Unfortunately, no matter how safe one may feel as a passenger, car crashes are still possible, especially if they involve distracted driving, speeding or other factors that can cause collisions. And if a passenger gets injured and seeks compensation, it can be confusing as to whom they can hold responsible.

Types of compensation available

Depending on the factors at play in the car crash, a passenger victim may be entitled to medical and hospital expenses, lost income during recovery and other unforeseen costs that may come about due to their vehicle collision injuries. The amount of the award depends on the injury and losses.

Whom can the victim go after?

Each car incident is unique and depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the passenger victim can go after the following:

  • The insurance company of the driver or the owner of the car in which the victim was a passenger
  • The insurance company of the driver or the owner of the car of another vehicle that caused the collision
  • The victim’s own insurance company
  • The driver or drivers at fault in their personal capacity

It is best to gather all necessary details of the incident to properly determine who the at-fault party is and proceed with the claim.

Understanding victims’ rights and options

Dealing with the consequences of a car crash can be overwhelming for a victim. With both recovery and medical expenses to think about on top of the other financial repercussions, the victim already has a lot on their plate. Understanding their legal rights as a passenger and their compensation options can help ease the victim’s worries.