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Poor winter weather can cause more car accidents – but why?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

As a driver, you’ll know that driving in the winter can be a nightmare. It feels like it’s constantly dark and then there’s ice, snow and rain to deal with. While you may take more care knowing that these poor conditions can be dangerous, not every driver on the road is as cautious. It can feel like you need eyes in the back of your head to look out for hazards on the road. 

With nearly 76,000 people injured in car accidents during sleet and snow every year, there’s an obvious risk that comes with adverse weather. But, what is it that makes the poor winter weather such a catalyst for car accidents? 

A failure to adapt driving habits

When the roads are wet or icy, you need to allow more time and distance for braking. Some more inexperienced drivers, or those who are simply unwilling to change their driving habits, may find they can’t stop quickly enough and cause a rear-end collision. 

It is unpredictable and can be fast-changing

Weather in winter can become poor for driving very quickly. Heavy snowfall or even a thick fog can make it almost impossible to see even a few feet ahead. This lack of visibility can easily cause accidents, especially if not handled properly. 

A lack of training or experience in winter driving

Some states experience snow, ice and rain more than others. For areas that very rarely experience poor weather, it can cause big problems when it arrives. For example, heavy rain can cause flash floods due to ineffective drainage systems. This is a hard situation to navigate for even the most experienced of drivers, let alone someone who is new to the road. 

You shouldn’t have to experience injury or car damage due to another driver’s negligence in poor winter weather. If you do, seeking legal help can assist you in a claim for compensation to help with the costs you incur as a result.