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Head injuries from a wreck may require lengthy treatment

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

Head injuries are common for someone who’s been involved in a car crash. Many people don’t realize that they can end up with one of these injuries even if they don’t hit their heads. Instead, damage to the brain can be caused by the brain slamming into the skull because of the force of the impact. 

The effects of a brain injury depend on the severity and location of the damage. For some victims of these injuries, healing can take years. Even a seemingly minor traumatic brain injury can take months to heal. During the healing process, the victim will have to receive treatments and may have altered abilities. 

What’s healing like after a traumatic brain injury?

The healing process after a traumatic brain injury is slow and can’t be rushed. The brain needs time to recover from the damage. This can require therapy, medication, and sometimes surgical intervention. Getting prompt medical care is crucial after a brain injury. Swift treatment might be able to minimize some of the effects of the injury.

A long-term care plan is also necessary. This enables the victim to learn how to handle regular activities. Vocational, occupational, physical and speech therapy might be helpful. Additionally, the person may need to seek accommodations at work so they can earn a living to support themselves. 

The cost of treating a head injury after a crash can be considerable. Some victims may choose to seek compensation for the injury if the crash was the result of negligence. The claim may include damages such as lost wages, medical expenses and others related to the injury. You only have a short window to get the claim filed because of limits set by South Dakota laws.