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Seat Belts can cause injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Car Accidents

Seatbelts have been installed in cars for many years now. In fact, it has been compulsory to wear seatbelts in South Dakota since the 1990s. While there is no disputing that this piece of safety equipment saves lives, seatbelts can also cause injuries during a collision.

Outlined below are some of the more common seat belt injuries.

Injuries to the shoulder

The top part of a seat belt wraps around the shoulder and chest area. During a collision, the belt will tighten so that you are held in place. Unfortunately, a high-speed collision can generate a tremendous amount of force, and with the resistance of the seatbelt, your shoulder could come under immense pressure. Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury, it could be very painful and difficult to treat. You may have to take a considerable amount of time off of work which means you are losing out on valuable income.

Abdominal injuries

Major organs such as your lungs and heart are protected by your rib cage. Unfortunately, the organs and soft tissue in your abdomen do not have the same amount of protection. During a collision, the lower part of the seatbelt can ride up and put immense pressure on your abdominal area. This can result in external bruising and, in severe cases, internal injuries. If you have stomach pain after a crash, then it’s vital that you are thoroughly checked over by a medical professional. Internal bleeding in the abdominal area has the potential to be fatal.

If you’ve suffered injuries because another driver was negligent, be sure to check out your legal options.