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Protect your workers’ compensation claim with these steps

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Worker's Compensation

While you have a right to compensation after suffering a workplace accident, your benefits are not guaranteed. You have to take the necessary steps to claim compensation for any damages suffered.

To increase your chances of a successful claim, you need to follow due process and ensure everything is done according to your state’s workers’ compensation laws. Here is what you can do to protect your claim.

Inform your employer on time

In South Dakota, you only have three days to inform your employer of a workplace accident. Should you exceed that period, your claim may be denied.

Document your accident

It is advisable to record details about the accident, such as any witnesses present, the date and time, and the location among others. It will ensure consistency in your version of events if anything comes up with your claim.

Seek medical attention

Following a workplace accident, you need to seek medical attention and get the nature and origin of your injuries documented. That way, you will have evidence should questions about your injuries arise. It may also help in arriving at the value of your claim.

Follow your treatment plan

In addition, you need to follow the doctor’s recommended treatment. Failure to adhere to the doctor’s treatment could make you seem like you are out to prolong your recovery period and continue enjoying benefits.

Expect anything

Something as slight as mistakes in the paperwork or missing information can lead to a denial of a claim. If your claim is denied, you need to understand the reasons so you can appeal the decision. Learning how to navigate this crucial stage could help your case, especially if your claim is valid, and the benefits could go a long way for you.