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How do you qualify for Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Social Security Disability

If you are hurt while you’re working, one of the potential problems you could run into is being permanently hurt to the point of being unable to work. When you cannot work to support yourself, one of the options that may be open to you is to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a federal system providing benefits to those who have worked for long enough and who cannot work due to a serious disability.

If you have a disability that you’ve been compensated for in the past but want to have permanent support, seeking SSDI is not a bad idea.

You deserve support to make your SSDI claim

It’s a good idea to get support when you make your initial claim for Social Security Disability Insurance. The reason for this is that the Social Security Administration is highly particular about to whom they grant these benefits. The SSA wants to make sure that only those with legitimate disabilities who cannot work or obtain gainful employment obtain these benefits, which means that you need to be thorough with your application.

If your injuries or disability is caused by a combination of illnesses and injuries, you’re dealing with a condition that isn’t always disabling, you have chronic fatigue or other so-called “invisible illnesses,” or you have a mental or emotional disability, it’s a good idea to look into legal support. The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book goes over the symptoms and test results you need to have to qualify, but even if your condition isn’t in the SSA Blue Book, you can start a claim if you have a similar condition or similar symptoms. With compassionate allowances, you may also be able to get benefits quickly when your disability is clear.

Social Security Disability Insurance could help you stabilize your income

You may not be sure how you’re going to pay your bills or get the medical care you need in the long-term, but with SSDI, you could have a more stable quality of life. It’s your right to look into making a claim to seek compensation through this benefits system. If you aren’t sure where to start, it may be beneficial for you to seek support with your application.