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The deadliest 3 months for young drivers are coming

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

Over the summer, the fatal accident statistics, especially for young drivers, are going to rise. We see this happen year after year. It’s important to be aware of the risk.


This phenomenon is so consistent that many experts call it the deadliest 100 days of summer. If you’re going to be on the road, know that there will be more accidents and more lives lost from June to August.


Why is this stretch so dangerous?


You’re likely wondering why the summer is particularly dangerous, and it starts with summer break. With some exceptions, most teens do not have classes from June to August. This is true for high school and college students.


As a result, teens have more free time. They spend it working, partying, vacationing, and hanging out with friends. All of those activities — and many more — can increase the amount of driving that they do.


This is problematic because teens are more likely to crash than older drivers. This risk level doesn’t necessarily change just because the summer months arrive, but there is greater exposure to such risk simply because of the increased amount of driving done by young people.


Are there other factors besides age?


The main focus of this issue is on young drivers, but it’s true that they are not the only reason for increased summer risks. You also have issues like tourists driving on unfamiliar roads, people on vacation being more likely to drink and drive and longer daylight hours that may influence people to stay up later and therefore become drowsy drivers. In short, everyone tends to drive a bit more during the summer, and so it is natural for the accident statistics to climb as well.


Have you been injured in an auto accident?


With these risks in the near future, you could become seriously injured in an auto accident caused by another driver. You need to know what options you have to seek compensation. It may be used to cover medical bills, lost wages and many other costs. Working with an experienced law firm can help you explore your options when you need it.