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Driving with your kids in the car? Make sure they’re buckled up

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Car Accidents

Being a parent comes with its fair share of frustrations — and figuring out how to get all of the kids into the car when you’re in a hurry is one of them. Just the same, there’s one step you shouldn’t ever skip: Getting your kids properly buckled up in a car seat or booster seat that’s designed for their use.

Why are car seats and boosters so important? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found a third of children who died in car crashes during 2018 were not secured.

Adult seat belts are simply not adequate for children

All cars now come front and rear seat belts. Yet, they are designed for adults. When researchers looked into the effectiveness of car seat belts, they realized they did not work well for children. Kids need kid-sized things.

Car manufacturers still do not make seat belts designed for children, so you need to use aftermarket products. It is crucial to get the correct-sized child seat or booster seat for each child. Doing so will increase the chances of survival for your child in a vehicle crash. Remember to have your child take their car seat if they travel in someone else’s vehicle. It’s also wise to remember that your car seat or booster need to change as your child grows: The seat that’s right for a smaller child can be woefully inadequate a year or so later after your child has a growth spurt.

When a negligent driver leaves you or your child injured

However careful you are when driving with your children in the car, you cannot protect them against all eventualities. It only takes one driver who is not driving with due care to cause a crash. If you or your child suffered an injury in a wreck, let an attorney help you learn more about your right to compensation.