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Workers’ comp: You’re glad to have it but hope to never need it

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Blog

South Dakota is full of hard-working individuals. The eastern side of the state is the most populated, but people continue to make their lives throughout all four corners. People make their living in a very wide range of ways in the state.

Common dangerous jobs

Some can face a fair amount of danger in the workplace, such as those in positions that typically rank high on lists that categorize hazardous types of work. The following jobs are  typically considered among the most dangerous jobs in the nation:

  • Any type of work that keeps you high off the ground, such as roofing, window washing or electrical line work places workers in harm’s way simply because they’re feet are not on solid ground. Many hazards, including high winds, defective equipment or lack of safety restraints can cause workers up high to unexpectedly plummet to the ground.
  • More than a few work accidents involve motor vehicle collisions. This means commercial truck drivers and others who drive on the job could see increased chances of suffering injuries in the workplace.
  • In a 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report, logging, commercial fishing and piloting airplanes made up the top three for workplace fatality rate.

There’s also a little-talked-about problem that poses great danger to many workers in stores or other businesses that deal face-to-face with customers, and usually sales. You might be shocked to learn how many workers have died in other attacks by customers. Any type of injury, regardless of your particular line of work, may mean a long, stressful recovery process. It might also render you incapable of returning to work, which, in turn, can cause undue financial stress.

Workers’ compensation is designed to help you meet medical expenses associated with your workplace injury. It also covers lost wages. The process can be quite complicated, however, which is why most recovering South Dakota workers seek support from experienced attorneys when they file their claims.