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Are you ready to hit the road this winter?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Blog

With the official end of fall just around the corner, you and many other South Dakota residents may already feel apprehensive about the winter weather ahead. In particular, you may dread having to get out on the roads with seasonal hazards and other travelers who may not take the time to accommodate for weather and road conditions. You have a right to feel this dread as incautious drivers could easily put you at risk of an accident at any time.

When these drivers are coupled with bad weather and questionable road conditions, you may have a significant chance of finding yourself in a dangerous situation on the road. In hopes of doing your best to avoid this type of predicament, you may want to make certain preparations before heading out and while on the road.

Your vehicle

One of the first steps you may want to take before getting on the road is to check your vehicle. In particular, you could find it beneficial to check your tires to ensure that they have a proper amount of tread to help prevent slipping and sliding on snowy roads or to determine whether you may need to change your tires to account for the weather conditions.

Additionally, making sure you always have gas in the tank can prove useful in the event that your vehicle becomes stuck, and you need to keep it running for warmth. Having windshield wipers in good condition could also help you maintain visibility.

On the road

Once you get out on the road, you will likely need to change your usual style of driving in order to accommodate for the weather and road conditions. This step may mean driving under the speed limit. It takes a longer amount of time for a vehicle traveling at high speeds to stop, and in icy conditions, slipping and sliding are real hazards. Therefore, reducing your speed may also reduce the risk of sliding and losing control.

You may also want to increase your following distance. Most drivers know that leaving an appropriate amount of space between vehicles could reduce the risk of an accident if a driver suddenly slows or stops. During the winter months, leaving even more space between vehicles may prove useful as your vehicle could slide or have trouble stopping, and you certainly want to have enough space to avoid a collision if possible.

Having an accident

Unfortunately, even with every precaution taken on your part, another driver could easily cause an accident that results in your suffering serious injuries. In such a situation, you may find yourself considering seeking compensation for damages. If so, obtaining information on personal injury claims may prove useful to you.